Finding the Right Ford Transit Connect Racking Solution

av | 04 Maj, 2017

​​​The Ford Transit Connect is a model of utility van that gives the convenience of a large storage space. The most convenient use of this fundamental feature is determined by the kind of shelving that is installed on the van itself. Shelving creates a sense of order and keeps transported merchandise secure. When considering shelving the best option is to go for Ford Transit Connect racking, made to measure for this type of van.

The foremost benefit of getting specialized racking installed is that it is a perfect fit. It also blends well with the overall design of the interiors, providing a welcome aesthetic appeal. Another benefit of getting specific Ford Transit racking installed is being able to readily get maintenance and spares. This offers an assurance that replacing all shelving is not always necessary as repairs can be done. There are various design types to choose from, too.

The Different Ford Transit Racking Available

Berlingo racking comes in a wide range of selections to suit various professional and personal requirements. The selection of Ford Transit Connect van racking​ comes in a range of either models. Within these models are a selection of near side, side, underfloor and custom made solutions to choose from. 

There are simple open shelve plans which are installed either near the door or at the middle. Shelves with drawers are also available in various designs. Underfloor solutions offer storage that is fitted on the floor, as the name suggests, while leaving the sides of the van free. This solution uses the available vertical space and depends on the comfort of the client. Custom made solutions require inquiry so that they can be designed to the specifications of whoever will use the Ford Transit Connect​ van. ​​